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Trafalgar’s guided holiday is arguably one of the world's favourite providers of great value holidays to various holiday destinations and hotspots. Founded in 1947, Trafalgar hires only the best Tour Directors in the industry to ensure that when you book a guided tour with us, you will enjoy the perfect holiday. Trafalgar’s guided holidays takes you into the heart of your chosen holidaying country, providing an exclusive perspective on the people, places and history that you will be visiting and experiencing.

And now with Jetabout’s partnership with Trafalgar guided tours, you too can book your very own Trafalgar guided tour to complement your holiday itinerary. Some guided tour destinations by Trafalgar include France (eg. The Treasures of France tour where tourists will visit the historic landing beach of Normandy), England (for instance the English countryside garden tours) and the United States of America (eg. Wonders and Flavours of The Golden State, a California themed tour).

Discover our incredible, limited-time savings across a selection of most popular itineraries. All Last Minute Deals below are Definite Departures.

Space is limited on each departure and these Trafalgar deals won't last – so hurry and book your tours right this instant!

BOOK NOW! Only for sale till 17 Sep 2014*.

Europe & Britain   Departs Duration Was Now Promo Code MV Code Option
Wonders of St Petersburg and Moscow 2014
  Sep-21 08 Days US$ 2399 US$ 2039
SWHSFM10 Request for booking 
Britain and Ireland Panorama 2014
  Sep-22 16 Days US$ 3499 US$ 2974
BPANM09 Request for booking 
Swiss Delight 2014/2015
  Oct-11 07 Days US$ 1850 US$ 1665
WWDE1M09 Request for booking 
Northern Italy Including Cinque Terre 2014
  Sep-26 09 Days US$ 2265 US$ 1925
STGVM09 Request for booking 
Best of Devon and Cornwall 2014
  Sep-23 06 Days US$ 1299 US$ 1104
BDEVAM09 Request for booking 
Amazing Britain 2014
  Oct-04 08 Days US$ 1875 US$ 1594
BHILM09 Request for booking 
Britain and Ireland Grandeur 2014
  Oct-11 20 Days US$ 4250 US$ 3612
BIGTM09 Request for booking 
Castles and Kilts 2014
  Sep-25 10 Days US$ 2575 US$ 2189
FCASM09 Request for booking 
European Impressions 2014
  Sep-14 15 Days US$ 2865 US$ 2435
EIMPM09 Request for booking 
Best of Germany 2014
  Sep-29 12 Days US$ 3250 US$ 2762
GBOGBM09 Request for booking 
Paris and Provence 2014
  Sep-25 11 Days US$ 3525 US$ 2996
FFULCM09 Request for booking 
Wonders of Britain and Ireland 2014
  Oct-05 12 Days US$ 2799 US$ 2379
IBIBIM09 Request for booking 
Highlights of Eastern Europe 2014
  Oct-03 17 Days US$ 3735 US$ 3175
CHEEM09 Request for booking 
European Cavalcade 2014
  Oct-08 18 Days US$ 3365 US$ 2860
ECAVM09 Request for booking 
European Experience 2014
  Sep-23 12 Days US$ 2465 US$ 2095
EEXPM09 Request for booking 
European Adventures 2014
  Oct-05 13 Days US$ 2399 US$ 2039
EFISM09 Request for booking 
Highlights of Bohemia 2014
  Sep-27 15 Days US$ 2250 US$ 1912
CHNEM09 Request for booking 
Best of Spain 2014
  Sep-26 15 Days US$ 3375 US$ 2869
SBESM09 Request for booking 
Great Italian Cities 2014
  Sep-19 10 Days US$ 3275 US$ 2784
IGICBM09 Request for booking 
Italy Bellissimo 2014
  Oct-02 11 Days US$ 3299 US$ 2804
ITBEM09 Request for booking 
Italian Holiday 2014
  Oct-04 07 Days US$ 2025 US$ 1721
ITIHM09 Request for booking 
Southern Italy and Sicily 2014
  Oct-10 10 Days US$ 2525 US$ 2146
ITSCAM09 Request for booking 
The Treasures of France 2014
  Oct-11 08 Days US$ 2225 US$ 1891
FTOFM09 Request for booking 
Imperial Europe 2014
  Oct-17 10 Days US$ 2299 US$ 1954
CEOXM09 Request for booking 
Italian Discovery 2014
  Oct-17 10 Days US$ 2750 US$ 2338
ITDIM09 Request for booking 
European Dream 2014/2015
  Nov-03 08 Days US$ 1885 US$ 1602
WROL1M09 Request for booking 
Spanish Wonder 2014/2015
  Nov-08 09 Days US$ 1799 US$ 1529
WPWO1M09 Request for booking 
European Whirl 2014/2015
  Nov-11 12 Days US$ 2775 US$ 2359
WWWH1M09 Request for booking 
European Whirl with Eurostar 2014/2015
  Nov-11 13 Days US$ 3190 US$ 2712
WWWH1M109 Request for booking 
Highlights of Spain and Portugal 2014/2015
  Nov-16 13 Days US$ 2250 US$ 1912
WHIG1M09 Request for booking 
Prague Vienna and Budapest 2014/2015
  Dec-05 10 Days US$ 1799 US$ 1529 PPLMD2482 WPVB1M09 Request for booking 

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* All rates stated above are subject to availability and change.

(Last updated on 08 Sep 14 / 11:03 am)

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