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 Cruise Booking

Jetabout offers cruise bookings for holiday-goers looking for a different experience.

Cruise tours come in various types. The most common of which are round trips calling at specific regional port of calls around the world such as Asia or the United States of America. Such round trips may include optional one day land tours to nearby city centres.

Additional types of cruise packages involve line trips to a specific port of call or nowhere voyages to, well nowhere. Line trips simply transport travellers from one place to another and are simple one way transportation services for travellers looking for a different and more luxurious mode of transport.

“Nowhere voyages,” as the name implies goes nowhere in particular. These nowhere trips are usually short two to three day round trips that do not bring you to any one particular port of call. The primary purpose of “nowhere voyages” are for passenger s to enjoy the on board amenities.

The cruise itself forms a big part of the travelling experience allowing travellers to travel in luxury. These cruises usually come (depends on the line of cruise) with all sorts of amenities and entertainment outlets up to and including gaming arcades, casinos, shopping arcades, spas, cinemas and various Food and Beverage outlets just to name a few.

Some of our most popular and oft requested packages are Singapore cruise promotions. The most common of Singapore cruise package promotions are usually consist of two-three day round trips to nearby destinations such as Phuket or Port Klang.

So what are you waiting for? For the best cruise deals and promotions available online, book your cruise tour with us right now!

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